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SIEM Software

Traditional SIEM software solutions promise to provide what you need, but the path to get there is one that most of us can’t afford. Traditional SIEM solutions collect and analyse the data produced by other security tools and log sources, which can be expensive and complex to deploy and integrate. Plus, they require constant fine-tuning and rule writing.

The Development

One of the most significant challenges to securing your environment is having the knowledge required to identify vulnerabilities, prioritise which are the biggest threats to your environment, and then remediate any issues found. While many tools provide an initial set of vulnerability signatures, keeping them up to date and developing new ones is often up to the user. You have little time to research new threats and develop vulnerability Intel, especially when securing your environment isn’t your only responsibility.

Threat Intelligence

That’s where the Threat Intelligence produced by Security Research Team steps in to assist. Think of it as an extension to your IT team – they are constantly performing advanced research on current threats and developing updates to threat intelligence. In addition to the vulnerability signatures, you receive updates to SIEM correlation rules, IDS signatures, knowledge base articles, and more

What we do

The promise of SIEM software is particularly powerful collecting data from disparate technologies, normalizing it, centralizing alerts, and correlating events to tell you exactly which threats to focus on first. Unfortunately, achieving and maintaining the promise of SIEM is time consuming, costly, and complex Continuous Security & Compliance. CyberSky arms threat analysts, security operators, and incident responders to rapidly connect the dots and reveal unknown threats. Our patented technology automatically collects and analyses threat intelligence from technical, open, and dark web sources to provide invaluable context for faster human analysis and real-time integration with your existing security systems.

Accelerate. Innovate. Simplify.

With better cloud and web application protection—at a fraction of the cost and resources required with traditional security tools—our security-as-a-service solutions allow you to reduce your risk while accelerating the growth of your business in the cloud. No additional staff required.


Experience increased visibility, rapid custom reporting, and scalable, real-time log collection and log management for a predictable monthly fee and without complex implementation. Our cloud security solution:Deploys rapidly, wherever your IT resides and Scales to your particular business needs. Provides deep security insight into your environment with an intuitive interface. Collects system log from firewalls, switches, routers, printers, Unix servers and many more devices. Turns your data into action, delivering correlations and validated incidents directly to you, Our simple pay-as-you-go approach means you avoid the large up-front investment and hidden costs incurred by most other log management products.

Reduced Cost

We manage your log data across environments, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. You can avoid the costly investment of additional infrastructure or an internal security team. Simplified log data, Log Manager with Log Review collects, aggregates, and normalizes log data continuously and provides actionable reporting to meet compliance requirements. Compliance without complexity, the solution identifies security issues and provides the recommended steps needed to resolve them while helping you achieve compliance.


Data is the lifeblood of organizations. In this digital age, data is exponentially increasing, data is accessible everywhere, and data is targeted. Our philosophy is whether your business is compliance driven or security driven; building effective protection strategies takes a balanced risk management approach. Being compliant does not mean you are secure. And being secure does not mean you are invulnerable. Be prepared against the vulnerabilities and threats to your business mission. Helping companies defend against cyber attacks, fraud, and all forms of malware


Today’s monitoring and detection strategies call for rapid innovation and extra diligence. Early detection measures assist in neutralizing cyber attacks and threats before damage is done. The difference between detecting cyber attacks or fraudulent activity within the first 24 hours makes a significant difference to your business. The systems, technologies, and processes for equipping your organization for early and accurate detection of threats can be complicated. Relax! We have done the hard work for you. We specialize in the planning, design, and implementation of ongoing monitoring to detect and deal with problems early .


How you initially respond to security incidents determines whether the incident becomes manageable or whether it quickly gets out of hand causing damage to your brand, reputation, and material loss for your company. Unfortunately, experience tells us that many organizations are ill equipped for proper response to handling security incidents. Building effective incident response capabilities takes careful planning, understanding of modern threats, guiding risk management principles and participation of stakeholders at all levels of the organization. We help companies respond to security incidents the right way. Our team is assisting customers with measured and effective responses to deal with all kinds of threats and security incidents on a daily basis.

Managed Services

The modern cyber threat landscape is more dynamic and complex than ever. Organizations must protect sensitive enterprise data, maintain compliance with ever-changing government regulations, ensure continuous availability of mission-critical systems, and keep up to date with the latest cyber security technologies, strategies, and threats, all while simultaneously handling ancillary IT functions and not losing focus on the organization’s core competency. Maintaining a full-service in-house security team can decimate a company’s IT budget. Cybersky brings elite experience and operations know-how to your organization at a cost that is far lower than maintaining an in-house security team. We work with only highly experienced, seasoned security professionals with deep knowledge of enterprise security. Our solution combines 24/7 off-site monitoring with dedicated on-site personnel that act as a full security operations team to provide the most comprehensive level of information security so that we can provide bespoke managed security services.


CyberSky can integrate into any existing environment, whether we are supplementing your existing security team. Some managed security providers offer static “menu” of services that may not fit your organization’s needs. Today’s complex data environments require security solutions that are individually tailored to each client’s environment. Choose from remote monitoring and analysis, a dedicated SOC centre operation for your premises, for maximum security and cost effectiveness. Cyber Sky can perform remote monitoring and act as a full-on operations team, handling resource-intensive operational tasks such as: Managed defence, Security management and monitoring, Log management, Vulnerability management, Key controls and compliance reporting for regulations such as ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and CIP. Cyber Sky's approach to security operations is proactive, not reactive. We feel it is better to prevent attacks from happening rather than reacting to a breach after it occurs. Our SOC team will secure and monitor your network’s perimeter, data, customers, and remote users so that we can detect, analyse, and immediately respond to threats 24/7/365.

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Managed detection and response services. At CyberSky, we simplify cybersecurity, delivering an advanced service that protects your high-risk assets from the complex threats that technology alone can miss, 24x7.